Payment Solutions that Free Up Revenue Without Costing in Return

The idea of an all in one payment platform is very appealing. From one single controlled spot, you get the ability to funnel in sales, handle payments, track data and more without having to remember a thousand different logins or go over a thousand different reports. However, some may be concerned that such a service itself is cost prohibitive and may end up losing whatever money would be gained by having it in the first place. The truth is, while all in one platform are comprehensive and thorough, they don’t have to end up costing every last profit dollar. Here are some examples of pricing scales and platform benefits.

Custom Pricing to Meet Your Business Needs

One of the most popular all in one platform, BlueSnap, offers significant savings when it comes to managing your payments. Depending on the method of payment, there is a flat percentage rate per transaction plus a .30 cent process fee. On top of flat, reliable pricing, there are no monthly fees during the first 12 months or if processing less than 2500 per month. There are never any setup fees. No cancellation fees. And no fees for processing eWallet services such as Apple Pay or VisaCheckout. In addition to accepting a wide variety of payment methods on top of those flat fees, the platforms also offer extended benefits.

Built-In Features Handle Financial Concerns for You

With an all in one platform, you get a single merchant account with multiple connections to global acquiring banks. No more do you have to remember hundreds of different logins, bank information, global transaction fees and so on. With a streamlined payment gateway and simplified payment processing, the work is done for you at the point of the customer sale. Native eWallets integration and consistent updates mean the platform will always be up to date with the newest payment methods. A huge suite of fraud prevention tools including Kount, Chargebacks911, Verifi and Ethoca integration scans your processes for you in real time, alerting you when something unfamiliar arises.

Easy to Use, Easy to Implement, Easy to Support

One integration with BlueSnap supports multiple business models. Whether you are running online or mobile subscriptions, marketplaces, virtual terminals, invoices or a combination of these, the single platform sends all of it straight to your web account or mobile app. With support via chat, email, and phone, you are covered 24 hours a day if a problem ever does come up. And with automatic 100+ partner platform integration, an automatic account updater, and PCI compliance, the business you’re running is always at the forefront of new and direct payment methods so a customer never has to be rejected and your business gets a reputation for being simple to use and effective.

Pushing your business ahead is a challenging task, but an all in one payment platform can take the challenge away. Integrate your payment options and worry about the most important thing. Your business.


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